Illegal Copper Trading Exposed

Responding to a complaint of theft at a substation on Newton Street, New Era, a Combined Private Investigator’s (CPI) employee stumbled upon a major deal going on in a scrap metal yard nearby last Monday. The Investigator walked in on a group of people, one being the owner of the yard, and around 32 bags of what was clearly copper and aluminum cable. She immediately called the police for assistance and both the group of sellers and the scrap yard owner were taken into custody. The police are unable to confirm the number of people arrested, but all, including the owner of the scrap metal yard, will be charged will illegal possession of copper cable. According to Springs police’s Captain Johannes Ramphora, the estimated value of both the copper and aluminum cable combined is just over R150 000. The CPI investigator allegedly had a haunch when she saw the scrap metal yard and decided to investigate further.

Copper and aluminum cable to the value of over R150 000 was confiscated at a scrap yard dealer in Newton Road, New Era, last Monday.